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We are a highly specialized team of researchers and developers with innovation at its heart. Our mission is to create exciting new paper-based solutions for a better, more sustainable world.

We push the boundaries and set new industry standards in everything we do, be it research, product and process development, plant engineering, analytics, IP management, or regulatory compliance. Our team of over 100 experts works together to create sustainable and recyclable solutions for the future, researching materials and developing products and processes that are unlike anything seen before. Initial ideas are first put to the test through our innovation process, and then transformed into a prototype product in our lab. Next, the prototypes undergo usage tests in our pilot and production plants, before ultimately being put into series production for our customers.

The Koehler Innovation & Technology team are true experts in their field with an exceptional range of technologies at their disposal. They are an integral component of our value chain, responsible for continually adjusting our processes to make our products better than ever before. They also monitor our products at all stages of the circular economy, right through to the end of the product life cycle, working together with colleagues at each step in the value chain to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Koehler Innovation & Technology


It’s not always easy to spot an idea’s potential right away. To help filter out the most promising and groundbreaking ideas, the Koehler Innovation & Technology team uses a unique innovation process to analyze and evaluate each new idea. Once selected, new concepts and products are then kept under constant review, right through to the end of the product life cycle.

Koehler Innovation & Technology

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Just because something doesn’t exist, doesn’t mean it’s not possible. At Koehler Innovation & Technology, we are pioneers and inventors. Thinking outside the box and tackling challenges head on is what we do. And it is this mindset that inspires us to create the groundbreaking innovations that secure the future success of our business and ultimately make the world more sustainable.

Koehler Innovation & Technology

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As a true all-rounder, we take on all the necessary construction work, as well as installing electrical and automation technology and industrial network technology. Our aim is to optimize our processing plants – and in this we succeed thanks to our in-house capabilities and excellent cross-site collaboration with other specialist departments.

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