Koehler becomes a member of the world bioeconomy circle

Koehler has joined the World BioEconomy Circle, a communication platform for stakeholders who have dedicated themselves to the subject of the bioeconomy. The objective of the BioEconomy Circle is to enable discussion of and improve on the latest developments, ideas, and visions in the circular bioeconomy, and to facilitate mutual learning.

The BioEconomy Circle has grown substantially since it was introduced by the World BioEconomy Forum™, which was founded in 2018 by Jukka Kantola. The forum brings together a global community of stakeholders, who can use the platform to find out about a broad range of events and other activities in the field of the bioeconomy. It was set up in response to the increasing importance of this field.

International Significance of the Bioeconomy on the Rise

Especially in these times of climate change, companies are increasingly focusing on how they can act and operate sustainably. Products need to be environmentally friendly, as climate-neutral as possible, and manufactured from renewable raw materials. This not only means using paper packaging instead of plastic, but also investing in sustainable forestry, which helps to bind more CO₂. Koehler, too, has set itself the objective of contributing to reducing emissions and therefore meeting the targets of the 2015 Paris Agreement, and, to this end, has committed to produce more renewable energy than is needed for its paper production by the year 2030. Koehler has already begun putting its green promise into action by converting its power plants to biomass and by signing a climate protection agreement with the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment.

Membership Underscores the Company's Sustainable Ethos

Earlier this year, Koehler Paper reached an important milestone when the cutting-edge production line 8 in Kehl was converted to run on 100% green electricity from local sources. Dr. Stefan Karrer, Chief Operating Officer of the Koehler Group, sums it up: "This not only underscores the sustainable philosophy behind our products, but also demonstrates that we are on the right track. Becoming a member of the World BioEconomy Circle provides us with an important platform for exchanging views with other members about the latest bioeconomy trends, and for expanding our visions even further."