We develop groundbreaking paper-based solutions for tomorrow’s world

What we Do

Koehler Innovation & Technology is a highly specialized team of researchers and developers with innovation at its heart. Every day, we make exciting discoveries that break new ground in our field.

Our team of over 100 experts combines theoretical and applied research and pioneering techniques to develop the technologies we need to produce sustainable paper-based solutions for the future. By designing products and processes for the circular economy, we are working to make the world a better, more sustainable, place. That’s our motivation – each and every day.

Our Mission

We create sustainable products for tomorrow’s circular economy. Thanks to our open-plan workspace, creative environment, diverse culture, and agile organizational structure, we are able to think outside the box and create truly innovative solutions. We like to think differently. We think in systems and cycles.

Our Approach

Our systematic innovation process for a sustainable future

Systeminnovation Raw materials Modification Lab workFormulation Pilot Production Converting Processing Consumption Collecting andsorting Waste paper plant Green CoatingCollaboration External partners frombioeconomy Raw materials modification
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Raw material

We build on sustainable raw materials from responsible sources to create a better world for our children. This is part of our sustainability strategy.


Not every raw material can be used naturally. We modify the raw materials depending on the application in order to achieve optimal performance under the highest sustainability aspects.

Lab work / Formulation

In the laboratory, we adjust fibers and coating materials in such a way that they meet the highest product requirements and perform optimally in the entire value-added system - right up to the end of the life cycle. With comprehensive analysis and characterization technologies we accompany the development from the raw material to the finished product, its application and recycling.


The in-house pilot coating machine enables us to prepare the upscaling process for the production plants in such a way that numerous production tests can be saved and products can also be tested and technologically supported at all stages of the value chain.


Our paper mills have ultra-modern, individually developed production facilities that set the benchmark in their niches. They cover all stages of the value chain, from paper production through finishing and packaging to waste water treatment and energy generation - of course under the premise of maximum efficiency and environmental compatibility.


The product is converted at the customer. We are in close contact with our end customers and include customer feedback, optimization suggestions and new trends in our innovation roadmap to support our customers in their sustainability development.


The product is further processed by the customer. We are in close contact with our end customers and include customer feedback, optimization suggestions and new trends in our innovation roadmap to support our customers in their sustainability development.


We also stand by our customers during the consumption phase of the product and include customer feedback, optimization suggestions, optimization approaches and new trends in our innovation roadmap in order to support our customers in their sustainability development.

Collecting and sorting

Our paper has been developed to be fed back into the waste paper stream as a valuable material or raw material in order to produce new paper qualities from them. In order to allocate them to the correct waste paper quality, we also check our paper qualities for their behavior in collection and sorting systems.

Waste paper plant

Our paper is evaluated according to the established paper recycling test methods at accredited test institutes. In addition, we are proactively investigating recyclability on a pilot and production scale with external partners and in our own plants, such as at our Koehler Paper site in Greiz, which is specialized in high-quality recycled paper. In this way, we can reprocess our own waste internally into high-quality waste paper and close the cycle.

Green Coating Collaboration

The Green Coating Collaboration is a bilateral research cooperation within the framework of a Living Lab of Koehler Innovation & Technology and the TU Darmstadt. In the Green Coating Collaboration, we conduct basic research, i.e. research with a focus on sustainable, bio-based raw materials for barrier coatings. With it, we look to the future and at the same time accelerate research periods by symbiotically combining basic research (GreCoCo) and industrial research (KIT).

External partners from bioeconomy

We work along the value chain with partners who share our vision of a sustainable world and are willing to break new ground. Our goal is to develop more sustainable raw materials from responsible sources and make them available to the value chain in the form of sustainable products.

Raw materials

Not every raw material can be used naturally. Bio-based raw materials in particular have to be processed and modified for paper production so that they perform optimally and meet our requirements for biodegradability. We implement this independently, but also together with our partners.

Koehler Innovation & Technology


It’s not always easy to spot an idea’s potential right away. To help filter out the most promising and groundbreaking ideas, the Koehler Innovation & Technology team uses a unique innovation process to analyze and evaluate each new idea. Once selected, new concepts and products are then kept under constant review, right through to the end of the product life cycle.

Koehler Innovation & Technology

& Development

Just because something doesn’t exist, doesn’t mean it’s not possible. At Koehler Innovation & Technology, we are pioneers and inventors. Thinking outside the box and tackling challenges head on is what we do. And it is this mindset that inspires us to create the groundbreaking innovations that secure the future success of our business and ultimately make the world more sustainable.

Koehler Innovation & Technology

Central Plant

As a true all-rounder, we take on all the necessary construction work, as well as installing electrical and automation technology and industrial network technology. Our aim is to optimize our processing plants – and in this we succeed thanks to our in-house capabilities and excellent cross-site collaboration with other specialist departments.


Analyzing, advising, projecting and procuring

Together with our internal customers, we analyze their requirements and develop tailor-made and targeted solutions. Together with the procurement groups, we ensure the economical and successful implementation of the projects.

CentralPlant Engineering Know-how Quality Innovation Proximity Network
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We have experts on board for all relevant specialist topics. The in-depth knowledge of our systems and infrastructure at our locations enables us to develop target-oriented solutions. In addition, we have a broad network of external partners at our disposal.


We work with high quality standards. Our goal is the greatest possible system availability and long-term value retention. Through intensive cooperation with all project participants, we develop technically sensible, high-quality and cost-conscious solutions.


We are constantly expanding our knowledge of the latest developments and technologies. In our projects, we recommend the use of innovative approaches in order to actively shape the future.


We are available on site at our plants. Due to the proximity to our internal customers, we can implement projects quickly, flexibly and unbureaucratically.


We are widely networked. As a central hub, we bring together the information of all project participants. We pass on the information and do the necessary translation work for the various partners in the project.


Expertise and
state-of-the-art equipment

Thanks to its highly specialist team and state-of-the-art equipment, Koehler Innovation & Technology is able to offer an enormous range of analytics services. For more than 35 years, the researchers at Koehler Innovation & Technology have been analyzing paper samples and conducting chemical analytical and physico-chemical research in order to develop new paper-based solutions. Before anything else, each individual substance needs to be properly understood so that it can be adapted to produce the perfect properties in the final product. Substances must be analyzed and evaluated, and new test methods must be introduced and validated. Throughout this work, the most important evaluation criterion is always the biodegradability of the substances used to manufacture the products.

However, this process is a lengthy one, as technology and therefore analytics are involved in every value creation stage of a paper-based solution throughout the entire life cycle of a product—from the initial concept, through recycling, to the end of the product life cycle.

What we offer

  • Instrumental and chemical analyses for development, production, and environmental standards
  • System error analysis (known as “troubleshooting”) for continuity of production and test equipment monitoring purposes
  • Microscopy, i.e. producing cross-sections of paper and investigating the different layers using modern electron microscopes
  • Trace analysis and complex sample analysis using modern chromatography techniques, such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC), e.g. to identify odor-influencing monomer components or to identify and characterize odor and flavor deviations.
  • Biodegradability testing for environmental assessments: OECD 301F, OECD 302C
  • Functionality testing and validation of measurement and inspection technology
  • Raw material analysis for the purposes of sustainability and environmental standards
  • Incoming goods testing for raw materials
Regulatory Compliance

Top-class research and expertise
in product conformity

Koehler Innovation & Technology is also a reliable expert partner in matters relating to regulatory compliance.  Our expert team are specialists in their field and can call on a large network of partners to help them answer questions from stakeholders at any stage in the process, from raw materials suppliers to customers, regarding the regulatory requirements for our products.

What we offer

  • Extensive partner network to help manage processes and widen portfolio
  • Knowledge-sharing with partner suppliers, authorities, committees, and other institutions
  • Monitoring of relevant changes to legal or recommended conformity standards, particularly requirements specific to the paper industry
  • Expert knowledge of EU directives, including Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH) and Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP)
  • Expert knowledge of regulations and recommendations for food contact materials such as Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004, BfR XXXVI., FDA (21 CFR) sections 176.170 and 176.180, GB 4806.8 and GB 9685, as well as other international, national, and regional requirements
  • Expertise in all matters relating to food safety and hygiene
  • Assistance with regulatory processes, from raw materials to final product, e.g. regulations around recyclability
  • Comprehensive food safety assessments for paper intended for direct contact with food products, coordination of product certification process, and issuing of declarations of conformity
  • Association work for ETPA (European Thermal Paper Association)
Patent System

Patent protection and strategies from a single source

In order to secure the economic success of the Koehler Group's business segments in the best possible way through its own intellectual property rights and to identify and minimize the risk posed by third-party intellectual property rights in time, the experts at Koehler Innovation & Technology consistently implement the patent strategies together with the Research & Development, Production and Sales departments and regularly adapt them to the current business strategies.

What we offer

  • Patent strategies for the business segments of the Koehler Group
  • Support of the Koehler Group's business segments with own intellectual property rights
  • Monitoring of third-party property rights, countermeasures, freedom-to-operate opinions
  • Patent strategy workshops
  • Patent training courses
  • Patent management
  • IP contracts and IP clauses
  • Inventor compensation


Who we are

Michael Trautmann

Corporate Director Central Plant Engineering,

Koehler Innovation & Technology

“Over the last 60 years, we have become experts in central plant engineering. That gives us a real USP and makes us a true all-rounder. Our business is built on the foundations of exceptional engineering, in-house expertise, and a spirit of independence. There is almost nothing we haven’t done. And that makes us a fantastic development partner.”


Dr. Markus Wildberger

Corporate Director Technology,

Koehler Innovation & Technology

„We recognized the trend early and switched our focus to producing sustainable, recyclable products. We made groundbreaking investments in all areas so that we had the platform and space we needed to innovate. Sustainability is now a central pillar of our business and the starting point for the development of our pioneering solutions. These solutions help us secure long-term growth – not just for ourselves, but also for our customers and partners throughout the value chain.”


Aljoscha Föll

Head of Innovation Management,

Koehler Innovation & Technology

“The road from initial idea to final product is often long, bumpy, and circuitous. But it’s precisely in overcoming the obstacles that we realize the true value of a new product, process, or procedure. Our passion for pushing the boundaries is what drives us forward and fuels our enormous capacity for innovation and development.“


Dr. Timo Stalling

Head of Research and Analytics,

Koehler Innovation & Technology

„When it comes to analytics, Koehler is exeptionally well-positioned. We have made regular investments and boast state-of-the-art equipment and an array of specialist analytical technology that not every company of our size could afford. This allows us to respond rapidly to changing situations and offer up effective solutions.“